Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sign-N-Tours Problems

Dorothy Garner claimed that she's the owner of the Sign-n-tours. I have researched and discovered that she WORKS for Homeric Tours and other tour companies. She doesn't NOT own a travel ageny/company. She is not licensed travel agent unless she claims somewhere on the website which I didn't find anywhere. However, it is not required by law to have a licensed travel agent . Rhode Island is the only state that required certification. I expect more states will follow.

I have been on tours with Trafalgar for 8 years and was very pleased with their service. Their website is professional. They have excellent discounts. You can book it online. You can't book it online with Sign-N-Tours. That's a huge disadvantage for Sign-N-Tours. You'd have to fill out the reservation forms and wait for weeks!! That is so 1980's! This is 2009!

The Classical Greece Tour is $3,787 per person. The price seems outrageous. You could find a cheaper elsewhere. Her website is poorly designed. There is no mention about the history of Sign-n-Tours. She require $350 deposit. It does not say if it is refundable or non refundable.

There is no terms & conditions on her website. How odd, huh? There will be no discount at all if used by credit card, WTF? Most tour companies do offer a huge discount if used by credit card. If you write a check, you will get a discount. It doesn't say how much discount you will be getting. Most tour companies do show how much discount you will be getting BEFORE you actually pay for it.... Writing a check is an old fashioned. 90 percent of us use credit card(s) or debit cards.

The Castles Along The Rhine and Danube Tour for 2010 indicated that the $250.00 is for handle fee and is non refundable if cancel for any reason. Most tour companies do not charge for that. That's beyond insane!

I wish Dorothy the best of luck with her travel agency.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DBC sucks? Oh yes you bet!

DBC sucks because I think that the DBC is a dysfuntional orginzation. Going to AG Bell conferences for protest against a rally at AG Bell is ridiculous. They want to bash against AG Bell. It is senseless for them to protest a rally against AGBell. Why can't they respect thier philosphy? AG Bell didn't protest a rally against DBC because they respect DBC's philosphy. I totally understand DBC is trying to educate hearing parents of deaf child about ASL. I admit I'd agree with them because I believe deaf baby are capable of learning ASL by signing to them from thier parents, siblings, teachers, friends and relatives. Instead of protest a rally against AG Bell, we need to educate speech pathologists, doctors including pediatrician, or counselors about teaching deaf babies to expose ASL at an early age if possible. DBC could host a workshop for speech pathologists, doctors, counselors, hearing parents of deaf child or anyone who might be interested in learning ASL and its language. That would be the best tool for them to expose and understand the roots of ASL and teach deaf babies ASL.